Dbol zmrc

iv got 200 white stromba-10mg winstrol tablets from zmrc,
iv been taking them just over a week, starting at 30mg a day and raising the dosage each week ending on 60mg a day in the last week, its a 7week course.
To say my mate has had winny before (this is my first time) he said it will cut you up loads and fast but iv not noticed anything as yet but it is early days u guess.
I am seeing big spots on my shoulders and back though which i dont usually get much so this could be a good sign there real because its a common side effect with steroids.
I just want to really cut-up and burst my abs through again.
Iv also got some deca300 which iv been told is good for size gains and cutting.
what are your thoughts on the winstrol guys???

Dbol zmrc

dbol zmrc


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