Does aerocort inhaler contain steroids

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Stretch mark on body, On intranasal use:dry or painful nose or throat, Moon face, Sore throat, Severe side effects that may occur are fainting, Itching or redness. membrane dividing nostrils may develop perforation, Skin rash, Chills, Ulcer of stomach or intestine, Diabetes, High blood pressure, Opacity of lens and increased intraocular pressure ., Bleeding from nose, Muscle wasting, Raised pressure in eyes, Nose bleeding, Increased chances of infection, Kidney problem, Fever, New or worsening oral or anal use:common: liver, Unpleasant taste and smell, Thinning and weakening of bone

I smoked for approximately four years, from age 18 to age 22. I am now age 66 plus and was very recently diagnosed with emphysema. I had for some time now noticed having difficulty catching a deep breath. Never in my wildest dreams did it cross my mind that I may develop a serious lung disease. Last year december i purchased emphysema herbal remedy from Best Health Herbal Centre, my emphysema was totally reversed within five weeks of usage. Am so happy, now living a normal life. Please all smokers must note, I am only writing this to inform others that if you think you will escape the dangers of a serious lung disease please think about it again because it is not avoidable under any circumstances. It will catch up with you in time.

Does aerocort inhaler contain steroids

does aerocort inhaler contain steroids