East german jeans

Technically a jegging, this last pair are a great option for those of you who find traditional denim a bit restrictive. Made from lightweight, super-soft denim that’s woven with plenty of stretch, they’re extremely fitted with a really skinny leg that makes them feel like a second skin. The high rise waist sits comfortably on the natural waist, which incidentally plays host to a hand sanding technique for a pre-loved feel. Finished with classic five-pocket detailing and a zip and button fastening, Replay injects a little playfulness into the design with embroidered back pockets and a branded silver patch sewn along the rear waistband. Balance out the skinny fit by teaming yours with oversized blouses or chunky knitwear.

Germans particularly favor visiting warm Mediterranean climates like in Eastern Europe, Greece, Turkey, Italy and Spain which are enlarging in popularity. Germans are also eager to travel in Africa, America and Far East. Germans is the third nationality most likely to tour the US next to British and Japanese. The most favored US destinations are New York, California and Florida. Car rental agencies, airlines, hotels, tour companies and travel agencies who are able to converse in German have greater chances of winning their business. Floridians, for example, are clearly aware of this as there are two travel magazines there which are published in German; Florida Sun Magazine and Florida Journal.

Shortages aren’t helped by the fact that doctors are working less: In 2011, some 54,000 doctors worked part time, up from 31,000 a decade prior. In no small part, this is because female doctors limit their hours in order to raise families. “What the statistics don’t show is that the volume of work [physicians] perform is stagnant,” explains Hans-Jörg Freese, a spokesman for Germany’s main doctors’ association, the Marburger Bund. A particularly endangered species is the general practitioner, a role of decreasing prestige in comparison with specialists in fields like neurology. Only 11 percent of medical students say they plan to take up general medicine, according to the newspaper  Die Welt , though 40 percent of doctors currently fill that niche. (Germany’s governing coalition recently launched a plan to make medical school more practice oriented and to increase the study of general medicine by 2020.)

East german jeans

east german jeans


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