East german riding boots

GRB German Boots Officer Uniform Military Militaria High Quality Leather Men's Black Jack Riding Boot All Sizes

The German Riding Boots is Premium Quality.

Customize your Own Only boots ! Be Your Own Style, Be Your Only Style !

The boots is all top layer leather and black oxhide leather. The boots is stitched.
The boots's style is as same as original.
The boots is custom-made for you. Time is 6-12 days for custom-made.

How to Measure

GRB Boots Sizing Instructions as the picture showed on our web pages :
1- Confirm your usual shoe or boots size (US/EU/UK/AU).
2- Confirm Calf Widths :
Measure the calf width at the widest part of the calf.
3- Confirm Calf Height :
Measure leg height from the floor to the bend behind the knee.

How to Order

You send 3 boots size's information to us through the amazon message.
1- Your Usual Boots Size = US ;
2- Calf Widths = inches;
3- Calf Height = inches.

We will customize the fitted boots for you.

The semi-dress uniform ( Ausgangsuniform ), except in details, was the same for all ranks and was worn on off-duty or off-post occasions. It included the service cap, jacket, long trousers, and black low-quarter shoes. The single-breasted jacket was worn without a belt, with a white or grey-green shirt and a green tie. Officers were allowed to wear the jacket with a white shirt. During periods of warm summer weather, either the shirt and tie or the jacket may be omitted. For a while a double-breasted jacket could be worn as optional wear by officers and warrant officers.

East german riding boots

east german riding boots


east german riding bootseast german riding bootseast german riding bootseast german riding bootseast german riding boots