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In Summer of ’95, I saw an advertisement for composers to enter ‘The Musical
of The Year 1996’ - an international competition which would culminate in a
professional stage production in Aarhus, Denmark with simultaneous radio
broadcast. At that time I only had a couple of unfinished songs with a vaguely
Celtic theme. I had only three months to deliver storyline, characters, a
minimum of eight songs (hand-written transcriptions of the score in those
days,) scenograpyh notes (of which I knew nothing) and one scene of script. I
was still transcribing the last song at three in the morning with a courier
coming at six . to whisk my entry off to Denmark in time to meet the
competition deadline.
“CELT” was entered into ‘The Musical of the Year’ in Denmark (1996); one song
(Only In The Stillness Of The Night) reached the final in ‘Best Song’ category
from a worldwide open field of more than 2,500 songs. Judges included Peter
Ustinov, Julia Mackenzie and Bjørn Ulvaeus from Abba. BASCA NEWS described
“CELT” as: “a work of high quality” and “innovative” in direct contrast with the
“professional but somewhat predictable content of the winning entries”. “Alone
At The Gates Of Dawn” started out as “Song of Shadows” from “CELT” and I
have reworked it over the years. In September, 2017 I booked a Berlin studio
and the highly capable German singer, Ille Hamma - to sing the vocal. He did
an amazing job.
“Alone At The Gates Of Dawn” is an example of the epic struggle within that we
all face at some point in our lives when met with an impossible dilemma. The
world of Epic Drama is where “Alone At The Gates Of Dawn” sprang from and I
hope that it finds a home with the many people who love this musical realm as
much as I do.
“Alone At The Gates Of Dawn” by Scoreworks feat. Ille Hamma can be preordered
now at http:///aloneatgates and downloaded from all major
platforms from Friday, 24th November. Lyrics to the song and more information
can be viewed at from 5th December onwards.
Joanna Bates - November 2017

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East german zig zag

east german zig zag


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