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Another second season episode, " Little Orphan Hero ", gives great insight into Hero's wide range of paraphilias. Early in the episode, Hero builds a robot to use for sex , programs it to feel pain, Later, he renders Xandir unconscious with a chloroform -soaked rag and rapes his unconscious body, which Hero believes erases people's memories (a parody of Superman's kiss erasing Lois Lane's memory in the film Superman II ). Later in the same episode, Hero chloroforms his own parents and commits incest by raping their unconscious bodies, Hero also attempts to rape Foxxy after she fell unconscious from radiation poisoning, caused by Hero's X-Ray vision. This episode also indicates that Hero indulges in transvestism , as he dresses in heavy makeup, a halter top, cutoff skirt, and high heeled sandals in order to attend a keg party (where he himself is gang-raped). In the episode " Unrestrainable Trainable " he commits incest with his sister, passionatley kissing her and sleeping with her the sex is unseen but is heard in the interior of her uterus which has semen flowing through it and forming a mentally retarded baby. In the episode " RAY ", he states that he is dating Bambi's dead mother, further implying necrophilia and zoophilia.

There are plenty of other progressive examples. Toot, an obsolete sex-symbol from the 30s (. Betty Boop) highlights the arbitrariness of beauty standards and reveals the psychological toll basing one’s identity on attractiveness takes when that attractiveness is gone. Wooldoor heads an inclusive children’s show where the BK Kids Club-esque multi-ethnic/ability makeup of the cast is never ridiculed (where Family Guy’s Stewie convinced a similar group of children that they’re naturally inclined to hate each other). Its unconditional acceptance of homosexuality is easily apparent. Every moment that seems to be in service of “the male gaze” ridicules “sexy” tropes though clumsy application and disgusting extremity (see the DVD movie’s well advertised “3D sex scene” for the best example). And from head to end of each of her sexual experiences, Foxxy never shows an inkling of submissiveness. Her world is an Elysium where sexual assault is never a possibility (excepting that aforementioned 3D sex scene, which ends her verbosely protesting a particular sexual act as “offensive to women” right before it’s done to her, but it doesn’t play that as straight as it sounds).

Foxxy love steroids

foxxy love steroids


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