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Continue your Pirate Adventure in our indoor party room. While your crew is searching for treasure your little mates are sure to work up an appetite. The party room is available to rent for 45 minutes after your high seas adventure. Pirate Adventures Jersey Shore will provide pirate themed cups, napkins, plates and utensils. Pirate Adventures does not provide any food, however, we would be happy to arrange to have pizza delivered to the party room for you. The party room is included in the Quarter Master's and Admiral's Package. $100.

Laura Devenny, also of Ventnor, was one of the first with a raised house: “ We decided to stay and rebuild right away. We watched as many people walked away from their homes in Ventnor Heights. It was very quiet for a long time. I think over the last couple of years, as people raised and rebuilt, it feels more like it did before Sandy. I see more kids in the neighborhood than in the past couple of years. Still, coastal living is harder than ever. The storms and flooding that we constantly experience continue to be not only a nuisance but a source of anxiety for many.”

Jersey shore before steroids

jersey shore before steroids


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