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“In fact, as we speak, I’m working on a totally new and revolutionary system based on a one-string guitar with three bridges. You may think that one string is limiting, but the secret is putting 359 frets on the fingerboard! That way one can have, with just one string, far more range that the ordinary six-string guitar, which, if you count the number of frets per string and then multiply it by six (the number of strings), only has 126 frets. I am not sure yet where to fit the three bridges, but it will come to me. This is it! This is clearly the natural progression and the future of guitars. Jokes apart, I thank God every day for having lavished me with the most wonderful gift of all—music, and I’m honored to be able to share it with the world.”

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Maestro alex gregory bach on steroids download

maestro alex gregory bach on steroids download


maestro alex gregory bach on steroids downloadmaestro alex gregory bach on steroids download