Oral health to overall health

In Advancing Oral Health in America , the Institute of Medicine (IOM) highlights the vital role that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) can play in improving oral health and oral health care in the United States. The IOM recommends that HHS design an oral health initiative which has clearly articulated goals, is coordinated effectively, adequately funded and has high-level accountability. In addition, the IOM stresses three key areas needed for successfully maintaining oral health as a priority issue: strong leadership, sustained interest, and the involvement of multiple stakeholders from both the public and private sectors.

Dietary guidelines in Ireland are based on the Food Pyramid published by the Health Promotion Unit ( ) of the Department of Health. The Food Pyramid is designed to help people to eat a balanced diet combining several different types of food in the right amounts. The “top shelf” of the pyramid represents foods high in fat, sugar and salt which are not essential for health and which should be used sparingly (maximum 1 daily serving); the “bottom shelf” represents foods high in carbohydrates (., breads, cereals and potatoes) which should comprise the bulk of our diet (., 6+ daily servings). A survey of dietary habits of the Irish population (SLÁN 2007) found that only 14% of all adults surveyed (13% of men; 16 % of women) complied with the “top shelf” recommendation to use foods high in fat, sugar and salt sparingly.

The literature below can be downloaded and printed for public use:
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Brushing Basics Activity Book (#85)
Dental Guide For School Nurses (available in download only)
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Oral health to overall health

oral health to overall health


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