Steroid cream for scar removal

Chemical peels – The process of chemical peels, as with the surgical cutting of the skin, can sometimes seem counterproductive. In a chemical peel, you are literally using chemicals to burn the topmost layers of damaged skin, thereby forcing the body to undergo the healing process to regrow new, hopefully smoother, skin in its place. Again the severity of the scar and its location will dictate the level of chemical peel used, and some peels may actually cause keloid scar formation or infections, so be sure to get all the facts from your doctor or dermatologist before proceeding.

After an injury to the skin, the body sends cells to the wound that can build new skin and tissue. After it stops bleeding, a scab develops. During the first few weeks, natural collagen fills in the gap around and under the scab, forming new skin – a scar. Normal scar tissue slowly grows thicker and then smoother. Collagen production stops after a few weeks. Capillaries form to deliver blood to the injured area, helping it to heal more quickly. The scar isn’t quite as strong as the original skin. It becomes flat and takes on a skin color closer to that of the surrounding area. Abnormal scar tissue, such as hypertrophic or keloid, may never completely heal or fade without additional scar treatment.

Not only should there be effective ingredients in a product but they should also be present in sufficient concentrations to be effective. Apart from that, the combination of certain ingredients, the formula should be effective. Often, cosmetic companies claim to have clinically proven products, but in reality they may be referring to using clinically proven ingredients rather than a clinically proven formula. There is a crucial difference between the two as some ingredients can become diluted when introduced to the formula. The only way to know for sure if a product works is to test the formula as a whole, instead of basing assumptions on third-party, anecdotal evidence from specific ingredients.

Steroid cream for scar removal

steroid cream for scar removal


steroid cream for scar removalsteroid cream for scar removalsteroid cream for scar removalsteroid cream for scar removalsteroid cream for scar removal