Steroid injection marks

Our needles start with 10, 20,30 up to 100. In other words they go by 10’s and each hash mark between go by 2’s. Example: Between 10 and 20 there are 4 other marks. 10 12 14 16 18 20. Very difficult to see where or 15 would be! My son will be doing it and from what I read men do better on 200 so at least he can use them easier then me! Just thought I’d let you know there are other types out there. Thanks for your blog. It’s been very helpful. We are not newbies to hcg but we were mixing 30ml to 5000 and doing 50 unit shots.

Study 1 compared ZINBRYTA to 30 mcg weekly intramuscular doses of AVONEX in 1841 patients. The study included RMS patients who had either: 1) at least 2 relapses during the prior 3 years and at least one relapse in the year prior to randomization ; or 2) one or more clinical relapses and one or more new T1 gadolinium (Gd)-enhancing or T2 hyperintense MRI lesions within the prior 2 years with at least one of these events in the prior 12 months. Patients with progressive forms of multiple sclerosis or an Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) score greater than 5 were excluded. Treatment continued for up to 144 weeks until the last enrolled patient completed 96 weeks of treatment. Clinical assessments were to occur every 12 weeks and after relapse events. MRI scans were performed at Week 24 and Week 96.

Steroid injection marks

steroid injection marks


steroid injection markssteroid injection markssteroid injection markssteroid injection markssteroid injection marks