Tbol before workout

Ok so looks like you have not ran dbol which is kinda good because so many compare the 2 expecting the same from tbol without the water. The effect of tbol is different in the pumps department etc and you might relate it to var as much as dbol being some of both worlds. If you have good product you will feel the difference immediate to soon knowing your test is not popping yet. The expectation mentioned by someone else as to gains is solely diet dependent and will have nothing to do with tbol other than a better predisposition to gain or cut with diet dialed in. Your question sounds as though it implies more to "feel it" so again, good tbol...soon. diet to goal and it will benefit you well. Much prefer the quality and patience here vs dbol . Are you taking them to coordinate with your workout I assume?

Tbol before workout

tbol before workout


tbol before workouttbol before workouttbol before workouttbol before workouttbol before workout