Tbolt usa address

Because they're in the business of selling plastic model kits, not making replacement bits or making "perfectly accurate replicas".  Some of us find it a little grating to buy, for example, an Eduard kit and then "have to" buy an Eduard replacement part for said kit.  I suppose what you meant was "correct the tooling" to include it in the kit?  Some do occasionally fix problems in the tooling, but that's an undersirable complication/expense after the tooling is already done.  They'd usually rather just pop off a thousand imperfect ones, if people will still buy them.  Not to mention that some of them really hate to admit that they goofed!  (None of this is meant to sound rude, aggressive, or what-have-you.)

Tbolt usa address

tbolt usa address


tbolt usa addresstbolt usa addresstbolt usa address