Texte oral je t aime

My name is => Mon nom est
My phone number  is => Mon numéro de téléphone est
My birthday is on the 3rd of July => Mon anniversaire est le 3 juillet.
I am an only child => Je suis fils / fille unique
Dire son âge => I am thirteen. (en anglais, contrairement au français, on utilise le verbe être (BE en anglais) pour exprimer son âge.)
I am from London / I live in London.
I am French, I am English, I am American, I am Italian.. (ne dites pas : my nationality is French )

Derrida referred to himself as a historian. [48] [49] Derrida questioned assumptions of the Western philosophical tradition and also more broadly Western culture . [50] By questioning the dominant discourses, and trying to modify them, he attempted to democratize the university scene and to politicize it. [51] Derrida called his challenge to the assumptions of Western culture " deconstruction ". [50] On some occasions, Derrida referred to deconstruction as a radicalization of a certain spirit of Marxism . [52] [53]

Texte oral je t aime

texte oral je t aime


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