Trenbolone acetate kaina

Trenbolone undecanoate , or trenbolone undecylate , is a synthetic and injected anabolic–androgenic steroid (AAS) and a derivative of nandrolone (19-nortestosterone) which was never marketed. [1] [2] It is the C17β undecanoate (undecylate) ester and a long-acting prodrug of trenbolone . [1] [2] The drug was described by Roussel Uclaf in 1967 and was the first long-lasting ester of trenbolone to be developed. [1] [2] Subsequently, trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate , a roughly equivalent compound, was developed and introduced for use in humans in 1980, though it was discontinued in 1997. [2] Trenbolone enanthate is another long-lasting ester of trenbolone. [2] Similarly to trenbolone undecanoate, it was never marketed, but it has been sold on the black market as a designer steroid for bodybuilders and athletes . [2]

This intermediate Parabolan cycle is easily classified as a pre-contest or cutting cycle where either fat loss or lean mass gain (with as little fat or water gain/retention as possible) is desired. Once again, similar acting compounds in terms of half-life are used together. Testosterone Enanthate is relegated to a support position of TRT once again. Primobolan, a favourite among competitive bodybuilders (especially for pre-contest) is used and the benefits garnered from a high dose would assist in achieving the hard and dense look of the physique, especially when Parabolan is used. The use of Winstrol (oral format) is not only for the purpose of somewhat of a kickstart, but also to assist the user in achieving a dry, ripped, and hard look to the physique.

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Trenbolone acetate kaina

trenbolone acetate kaina


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