Turboline salad spinner

Ease your salad making process by using the Salad Spinner by Leifheit. This salad spinner has a unique left/right spinning mechani ... sm that quickly and gently spins off excess water from lettuce leaves. This spinner works with a drawstring pull that spins the lid as it is pulled. The spinning action draws the pull in again, so it is ready for the next pull. The dual-direction spin helps create a more even dry. Moreover, the sieve is heat-resistant, so is even good for draining pasta and vegetables. Item #23200 Features: Large right and left spinning salad spinner gently spin-dries lettuce and vegetables Easy-to-use, self-winding drawstring spinner spins first one direction, than the other Non-skid base for extra stability Heat-resistant sieve can also drain pasta or steamed vegetables Convenient opening in lid to pour out water Well-shape bowl also suitable for serving Removable spinning mechanism for easy cleaning Color: White Size: 7" h x 11" d read more

Turboline comes in 3 different models – the liter stainless-steel spinner, which doubles as a stylish serving bowl, the liter clear plastic design and a space saving liter collapsible salad spinner that takes up just half the space in the cupboard when it is folded up. Simply press the button, pull the cord by its SoftTouch handle, and everything will be ready to serve in a jiffy, even the tougher leaves of iceberg, romaine or radicchio lettuce. EMSA also equipped Turboline salad spinner with a brake button for stopping the washing and drying processes, an integrated strainer in the lid and a non-slip base. EMSA .

Turboline salad spinner

turboline salad spinner


turboline salad spinnerturboline salad spinnerturboline salad spinnerturboline salad spinnerturboline salad spinner