Uconn steroid accusations

Lance McCullers has been solid when healthy but he just landed on the DL with back problems for the second time in two months, and Collin McHugh has made just two starts so far this season after missing the first half of the year with an elbow injury. It’s true that Brad Peacock has been better than anyone expected with a 151 ERA+, and that the injuries have given the Astros a chance to test out some young arms—David Paulino, Francis Martes, Joe Musgrove—that might prove playoff-ready, but apparently Keuchel isn’t prepared to count on them—and he’s willing to say so.

The other thing Roger Federer is known for is his serve. For many players, a booming serve is a crutch—something they rely on to compensate for other deficiencies, something they can ride to a solid career, though it might be a little embarrassing. For Federer it just sits at the core of a game that is altogether seamless. He can, almost incidentally, serve as well as anyone ever has. He can put the ball wherever he wants, not as fast as the very fastest but more precise than any of those guys, and that instrument has bailed him out of countless unpleasant situations. Today in the third set, when Berdych threatened to elbow his way back into the match by breaking serve, Federer rummaged around and found these four:

Uconn steroid accusations

uconn steroid accusations